Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ooops....I did it again!

I've started another quilt. I know, I know. I've already got a pile of flimsies and sandwiches in the cupboard and I've cut out two black and white quilts but I have a really good excuse.
Three days into our Tasmania trip I finally got an opportunity to visit a quilt shop. We were in Exeter, just north of Launceston. There's a lovely little shop there, Calico Crossroads and it was here I met the very delightful Pauline. Apart from the wonderful selection of fabrics, she had a very handsome discount trunk that had my name written all over it! I had been thinking that my stash was very light on for 'boy' fabric and low and behold, an array of 'Happy Trails' cowboy prints. And because I find it hard to walk past anything red, a length of red and white Prints Charming Big Flower.
Since then that big red flower has been playing on as soon as I got home, I checked the stash and found that I had enough other red and white (plus a little splash of pink and red) to make a modified version of the 'Good Night Sweet Prints' quilt from Material Obsession One. I've used 4 panels instead of 6 and it ends up being around 145cm square. A nice little lap quilt size.
Here it is hanging in all it's glory on the clothes line.
I had to add some extra white fabric to the flower prints sides to work with the measurements given. (My fabric must be a different run to what the Material Obsession girls used. Perhaps they had the hand prints?) I'm a little miffed that the prints are a little creamier than the white that I added, but I figured some of the other red and whites are a little creamier and I may end up quilting over it, so it may not be that noticable.
Now just to prove that I haven't completely abandoned my other projects. Here's a quick peek at my work in progress on one of my black and whites. It's a wonky log cabin. You'll find a great tutorial here. They're fun to do when you get a good run on them! Again, some of the black and whites are a little creamy...but with a good mix I don't think that will be a huge problem.
More on my Tasmania quilt shop adventures and wonderful fabric finds to follow. Promise.


  1. My goodness, you HAVE been busy! Love them both, and it is very hard to find true whites - they are often quite creamy. I doubt you'll be able to notice once it's finished though.

  2. Hi Theresa,
    thanks so much for the nice comments...heyyyyy cant believe how awesome that prints charming fabric looks...its great isnt it?? Well done, hope you enjoyed your tassie stay...

  3. It was an absolute pleasure Pauline. Have you got any more Prints Charming in that little discount tub of yours? Any colour will do, I think this is a great quilt to feature them. Let me know!