Sunday, March 11, 2012

Little geometrics.....

These are the last two baby quilts for Clare's Retro Baby Quilt market project for the Adelaide Guerilla Craft Market.
I'd started to feel that the bulk of the quilts I'd made were a bit on the 'girly' side even though I was attempting neutral. I guess it's because I use so much pink and floral in general, so naturally my scraps are going to include pink and floral! (No brainer!)
So these two little very simple 1/2 square triangle quilts are deliberately neutral in an attempt to interest mothers of little boys.I started out with the idea to make just one quilt but ended up with too many blocks so two were born. Both are straight line quilting using a grey thread, either side of the seams although the smaller of the two is also quilted on the diagonal. The larger one was a random placement so the diagonal quilting just didn't work.Both are backed with grey, black, yellow fabric with the larger one bound in black and white polka dot and the smaller a stripe. The market is scheduled for next Saturday evening (location to be determined) so now it's just final preparations, pricing and working out the logistics of the set up!

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