Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The go to gift......

This weekend I whipped up a last minute birthday gift for a friend. In fact, inspiration struck at 11.30pm on Saturday night after a marathon all day/night out (!). Once I began looking through the fabric scraps, I started sewing a bit and I ended up staying up way (way!) past my bedtime. But by Sunday night I had one very lovely, very large 24"/61cm cushion.
I hadn't intended making this cushion so big but I got immersed into using existing strips of fabric that were already in my scrap bag. I seriously only cut the last two colours from metreage. Everything else is scrap trimmed down to fit and that makes me smile.The back is some fabric picked up from Spotlight's recent clearance for $4/m. I only had to join one little section (more smiles!). The blue binding is also left-over from another project.
There's nothing tricky about this cushion cover. It's a straight forward log cabin with strips cut to various widths. The construction is a very simple envelope style and the quilting is mostly horizontal along seams with a bit of vertical on the outer edges.
Herewith one beautiful gift where the cushion insert is the most expensive component!

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