Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's hip to be square....

Granny Square that is!
As soon as I saw this quilt and this quilt, I knew I had to make a Granny Square Quilt. (Along with virtually every other quilter in the blogosphere!)
Following Blue Elephant Stitches' tutorial, I gathered my 2 1/2" square scraps and have spent these past few nights piecing. I had made 20 blocks by last night, then this morning I decided I wanted a bigger quilt and went scouring through my scraps to create 5 more. With 25 blocks I should create a quilt around 60" square. (20 blocks and sashing yields a 50" x 60" quilt.)
I'm totally smitten with these scrappy blocks. Blocks that I spent some time considering what was in and what was out. A process I find difficult and generally avoid as I tend to use fabric stories in my quilts. But of course, that leaves bits of everything left over so I eventually have to take the plunge and start mixing and matching! Mind you, maybe it takes a long time because I look at all the little squares and remember where they came from, what quilt their metreage, jelly roll or charm square created, who it was gifted to and where it might now be laying.
Now they're all together, I'm thrilled to see all my lovely left-overs looking so gorgeous and playing so nicely with the rest of my scraps. Every single block is beautiful and I love how they all work together.
This quilt is destined to be a fund-raiser quilt for R's music department who are planning an overseas trip for the students early next year. We're not sure if R will make the cut but every little bit will help.


  1. Yes, I've had that one earmarked as well but having just worked on a scrappy quilt, wanted to get a few more scraps under my belt before going for another. Looks fabulous though!

  2. So cute! I'm sure it will do well at the fundraiser!