Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just the 20 months.....

Back in July 2010, I hopped on the 'QAYG' (quilt as you go) bandwagon and in one intense weekend sewing session churned out a batch of spectacular 12" x 12" and 8" x 8" log cabin blocks of my then, most favourite bits of left over fabric. The were, by my standards, pretty gorgeous and truly represented the few quilting projects I'd attempted and the content of my stash up until that time. And then....(insert drum roll....), after I'd made them, I couldn't work out how you could possibly join them together, so I put each of them into a plastic bag and placed them into the cupboard with all of my other half finished projects. You know the ones, the ones I just had to do straight away in place of cleaning the bathroom.
But luckily I am blessed with that dreadful genetic disposition that causes me to find it really hard to throw things away. Some days it's the bane of my life. Other days it's a blessing. This past week it was the latter because I pulled out those QAYG blocks and turned them into baby bibs! I used this pattern which was super easy and makes a bib suitable for a newborn. Best of all, it used up all of my QAYG blocks in one fell swoop. (Actually, that's a slight exaggeration as I have some little circles left and I'm thinking coasters.....what do you reckon?.....)


  1. I hope you don't mind but I'm totally stealing your idea! My QAYG blocks have been plaguing me too - this is the perfect solution! Brilliant idea, and so adorable :)

    1. Go for it! Glad to help in the quest to reduce the WIP!

  2. Very smart! And so adorable! Lucky lucky baby!