Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday night dinner magic.....

As a working mum I constantly worry about what to cook for dinner each night. It has to be quick and it has to suit everyone.
I know I'm not alone in this daily dilema.
Sometimes I wake up immediately wondering what we're having for dinner (tragic). Most mornings I can make a decision before I leave for work. Take something out of the freezer or work out what needs to be purchased from the supermarket. If I haven't sorted it in the morning, I start thinking about it again around lunchtime. If it's not sorted by 2pm, I start getting anxious. Sometimes I fantasise about telling the fam to 'get yourselves sorted'....but that's pure fantasy and quite frankly not worth the angst! But the reality is, the pressure of having to make a decision can bring out the best. Tonight was one of those nights. An absolute winner in the dinner time department.
Tucked in the freezer was a kind of UOIT....unidentified object in tuppaware! I took the lid off and it looked awful. Kind of, no....exactly like, brown and blobby meaty stuff. However, I took a smell and it was divine. Left over beef stout casserole. But a really small quantity. Not really enough to feed a family of four by itself. However there were also a few sheets of puff pastry.
So tonight we had mini beef stout pies and when I say mini, I do mean mini. They were formed in the muffin tray. There was but one each along with a helping of creamy mash and vegetables.
The first positive was from fussy L...."can I have one of those?".
The next were the responses during dinner...."are there any more?". (
And finally, "that was great....can we have this again...?".
It's lovely when it works! Now to recreate the magic! Pass the stout.

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