Friday, September 17, 2010

Farewell to the 'Finger'.....

No there hasn't been a rotary cutter accident. (touch wood)
It's a farewell to one of my all time favourite bands Powderfinger, who after 20 years of touring and recording have decided to call it a day and pull up stumps as a band. Last night was the first Adelaide concert of their national Sunsets Farewell Tour. This one sold out so quickly, that another is scheduled for November. But alas, now also completely sold out. If you have tickets for November or for any of the remaining States, you won't be disappointed. The show is awesome and if you're my age...which happens to be the roughly the same as the band, you'll get the sentimentality of the backdrops....and even the Alby Mangles t-shirt worn by Jon Coghill the drummer!
Our tickets were on the flat of Memorial Drive. Being only just average height made it difficult to see a great deal clearly....but I knew every song and loved every minute. And of course, the support band JET were amazing....again daggy ol' me singing along like a teenager!
Powderfinger sure knew how to play to the audience, adding a fantastic element of surprise and popping up on a small stage at the back of the flat which meant that for the audience that were further back like me were suddenly very close. Good on ya boys! Thanks so very much.....I'll be out walking in November and might just sit on the banks of the Torrens for another listen.

(I love this shot. It's the last one on my camera - the boys say farewell. Sniff)

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