Sunday, September 19, 2010

Choc Cherry Milkshake.....

My kids aren't too bad when it comes to spending time in fabric stores. I think they worked out pretty quickly that it was fait accompli and they just 'had' to either put up with it or get into it!
R quickly determined that she liked any fabric that was pink and brown and constantly asked when I was going to make something with these colours. She didn't know that I'd been secretly stashing.
This is another quilt for her....lucky girl. I'm calling it the Choc Cherry Milkshake. (Mind you, having seen the peach blossom in the background, I could have called it just that!)It uses the Lemon Drops quilt pattern which is free over on Faith's site. I've added another row down the side to make it square, roughly 63" x 63" at the moment. The top features pinks, browns, Kona Snow and varying mixtures of the aforementioned colours. Looking it now I have one HUGE regret. I wish I'd used the mega polka dot as a big square and not as a border. It's really lost its impact now that it's been cut up. Oh well....that's quilting!

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  1. Love the pink and choco combo. I was thinking pink marshmallows and hot chocolate when I saw it! I really like the mega polka dots as a border - there's a nice counter balance of scale using that pattern as a border.