Saturday, September 18, 2010


The grass at the shack must be mowed before the Summer season hits otherwise there are Council fines and a risk of bushfire.
We usually employ a contractor to give the block a big mow twice a year but he's moved on.
We haven't been to the shack since Easter and it hadn't been done then. So given the rains that this Winter has delivered (albeit much needed rain to our drought stricken State) .... and recent sunshine ....when we arrived very early this morning we weren't surprised to be met by extremely long grass and weeds. Look at the mower, it's almost buried!
The plan was to get up at normal weekday time, leave home by 7.30am (well it was 8am), get to the shack, do the deed, hit the bakery and be back in town for L's swimming lesson at 1pm.
Yeh, well. That's roughly how it worked. Add in a 1/2 hour delay, pop petrol in the car, a take-away coffee stop for Joe and copious amounts of grumbling from the kids. Seriously, you'd think we'd asked them to do the mowing!
Apologies for not taking an after shot. I must have been so pumped about Joe finishing the whole block in 2 hours and me weeding the garden bed and getting back in the car on time, that I totally forgot to prime and point the camera!
But I tell you....for the rest of the day whilst the family was grumbling about how early they had to get up on a Saturday and how tired they were, I was looking for the next thing to be tidied.
Guess what it was?
My fabric cupboard.
Oh my. It was bad. There was fabric all over the place.
I pulled it all out and sorted the colours. Now it's all back in nice neat piles of story and colour.
And I learnt something about myself. I don't buy yellow or purple fabric.
Now I don't see this as a negative. No. It's an opportunity!
See you up bright and early at the fabric shops!


  1. We , well my husband , seems to be mowing every second day here . Have fun at the shops looking forward to seeing your yellow and purple stash !

  2. Funny how we have our favourite colours that we automatically gravitate towards. One of mine is definitely purple!!

    And we had the early start this morning.....manning the water table for the City Bay Fun Run. Out of the house by 6.45am and back by 10.00 (except for Mr G who had to go to work).