Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You can't go out in that!

L has been invited to another class mate's party on the weekend. It's a cooking party at Rosa Matto's. Rosa's a bit of cooking guru here in SA and most of us mum's are pretty envious that we didn't get a guernsey! Each of the boys has to supply their own apron. The only child size one we have is this little Harrods Paddington Bear number that we purchased years ago for R when we were leaving the UK and felt this desire to spend the last of our sterling in the airport. It's not really appropriate for 8 year old boys and besides it's a bit too small. So tonight I whipped up this one in red ticking. It took no time at all and the straps are recycled tape from previous fabric purchases. I just love a no-cost creation. L is thrilled and thought he'd pose Masterchef style!

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