Friday, August 14, 2009


Check these funny little cupcakes out! L has a school fundraiser today so we made these scary faced cupcakes for the boys to buy. He goes to an all boys school so they should really appeal and judging from the oohhs and aarghs of his grade 2 classmates, he already has some committed buyers. The cakes include vampire teeth (but you could use the straightforward teeth), mini marshmallows with black writing icing in the tube dotted on for the eyes and Coles brand mushrooms cut in half for the ears. I use packet cake mix (vanilla) and this yields around 30 small cupcakes. Don't fill the patty pans too much (about 3/4's) - kids don't care about the cake (which is why I use packet mix), they just want the icing and the lollies on top!

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