Friday, August 7, 2009

In my head....

I've had countless sleepless nights of late. I'm constantly tossing and turning at 2am thinking about all these things I could be making and finishing. I've finished all 70 of my 9 patches and need to find a good run of time to cut the sashing and borders. I've just taken delivery of this fabulous book, Patchwork Style and the projects are all inspiring. I've got homework to prepare for my next WEA Machine Quilting session. This will be either more pins in my ORB quilt or finishing off the top and preparing the sandwich for the Christmas Tree Skirt I started a few months back. AND then, there's black and white string quilts that would make fabulous gifts inpired by this one and this one. Aren't we lucky to have enthusiasm and options!


  1. Yesterday I found myself with a block of time with which I was 'supposed' to nap (I've been tired of late). All I could do was think of the projects I needed to finish and the ones I wanted to start. I ended up getting out of bed and quilting and I don't regret it one bit! (Although I am a bit sleepy this morning.)

  2. Amy - there's nothing wrong with a bit of commitment! Well done! T