Monday, July 20, 2009

Walk a mile with my walking foot

Up until now I've been very reluctant to quilt using a walking foot. It stems from my early attempts at quilting with my old Husqvarna with a regular foot. Scary, high heart rate, lumpy, bumpy, irregular stitch length quilting! I'm surprised I'm still interested in quilting after those early days!
But my friend Kay who's just started quilting a few weeks back and like me is completely self taught from books and the internet exclaimed how easy it was. So my little 2 1/2" square checkerboard quilt is experiencing yet another experiment.......straight line quilting using a walking foot and I have to say, Kay is absolutely right. The walking foot is great! I don't know what I was afraid of!
Whilst I was up to my armpits (any one who quilts knows that's really true!) in quilt top, R decided that she was bored on the last day of the holidays and wanted to cook something. The outcome? Bill Granger's Cherry Tart. She did it all herself leaving me to my sewing. I'm so proud of her and it didn't taste half bad either. Perhaps our own little masterchef in the making?

1 comment:

  1. Told you it was easy! Now can you understand why I was in lurve with my walking foot???? :-)

    Well done R on the cherry tart! Now if only someone could teach my R how to make toast....