Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rolley poley thank you

This is a little roll of Denyse Schmidt 'Katie Jumps Rope' fabric that I made for Clare to say thank you for taking me to see French & Saunders last night. (They would say "rolley poley" too, wouldn't they?) The naughty girl wouldn't accept anything for the ticket and with both our work and family commitments we ran out of time to have dinner before the show so I gave her something she couldn't refuse.... a little bundle of fabric that I knew she didn't have! Thank you Clare....I hope you enjoy the fabric as much as I enjoyed the show!

And here's the newest member of the family - R's Mr Potato Head. Let's see how he gets on over the next few weeks! (Currently he looks like I feel.... a bit seedy.)


  1. I think I will enjoy the facric more than the show!! Thank you once again

  2. Lucky you Theresa for getting to see French & Saunders and lucky you Clare for getting this lovely!