Friday, July 31, 2009

Sixteen down!

I knew I could never cope with one-a-day's worth of 9 patches and would have to tackle them in batches. I made a great start last week by cutting up a bunch of pre-cut squares, see here. Then I started to panic that Crazy Mom is already up to day 10 and I hadn't stitched a thing! Last night was the first time in days I'd been able to get to my machine and I managed to bowl over 16 blocks. At the moment I'm making two blocks from each set of fabric squares and reversing the colour order for the second block (ie. 4 of one colour, 5 of the other, then 5 and 4). That way they'll have a 'partner' in the completed quilt. It's obvious to me that I LOVE spots. They feature in all but two of these blocks so far! I think the trick is to get some real contrast happening within the blocks to make them stand out. I'm having fun....just hope my enthusiasm doesn't wain and the scraps hold out...54 to go!

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