Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Around this colourful world....and back

A built in wardrobe is being installed in R's room. It's white and it's huge....compared to the antique one she currently has. Old wardrobes are gorgeous but they're just not deep enough to hang a hanger. We're kind of hoping that this new efficient hanging space will result in a tidy room. (Here's hoping!)
Coupled with this, R decided that she didn't want a pink room any more so a paint job pre-wardrobe install was required.
Her request was a white room with red accessories. I stopped her at the red feature wall ....who knows when she'll change her mind again!
We picked up a bargain tin of white paint and started de-pinking. But the result was less than impressive. Way less. In fact, down right horrible.
Reason. Antique white woodwork looking virtually puce against the whiter than white walls.
My wise friend Kay offered this piece of advice. "It's easier to change the colour of the walls than the woodwork." Right there with you Kay, seeing as I was the one that had painted the woodwork in the first place.
Joe knows his daughter well and declared "that if you're going to change the colour you better get R's approval". (I think he was also washing his hands of the whole matter!)
R said it was fine as it was but she's an Aries and therefore extremely impatient.
So we trundled off to Solver and checked out the big colour swatches. We headed for the antique white swatch. And R declared that she liked the 'white' placed next to it. This delightful swatch is called 'Creamstone' and yes, it's a lovely classic pale cream. How do I know this? Because it was the colour on the walls before we painted them pink! Gotta laugh or you'd cry!

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