Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking back on 2012....

I don't want to say too much about 2012....for me, it was fairly quitting my job of 10 years only to be re-employed 6 weeks later. Don't ask but as Kylie Minogue says, "better the devil you know....".
In the meantime, 2012 was fabulously creative and over-the-top stitchy. I made lots of quilts of varying sizes and styles. I subtracted from the WIP pile only to add at the other end (does that = EVEN?). I participated in two guerrilla markets, the first tragic, the second a veritable bonanza with my little birdies flying off the branches. I donated numerous quilts that left me with more than 'warm fuzzies' not only knowing that  the quilts would go to homes that loved them but that the funds generated would go towards R's soon to depart music department's trip to Ireland. I've used lots of fabric and batting scraps but that bucket is just not diminishing. A big highlight is that I have been approached for consignment quilts and bespoke. And I've spent lots of quality time with my lovely Sew & Sew's friends and plan to continue catching up for fabric fondling and a good laugh each week. So right now.....2013 is shaping up to be full of fabric....just as I like it!
1. Nicey Jane Quilt, 2. Floral Bouquet Quilt featuring Bliss, 3. Floral Bouquet Quilt featuring Bliss, 4. Made in Cherry Finished Quilt, 5. Made in Cherry Back, 6. Confetti front, 7. Butterflies quilt, 8. Confetti back, 9. The Gosling Baby Quilt, 10. Small geometric quilt, 11. Geometric quilt, 12. Granny Square quilt, 13. Scrappy patchwork picnic quilt, 14. Scrappy patchwork picnic quilt, 15. Granny back, 16. Ruby Plus Quilt, 17. Granny Square Quilt, 18. Granny Square Quilt, 19. Granny Square Quilt Back, 20. Zesty Quilt, 21. Zesty Binding, 22. Baby Quilt Non Gender Specific, 23. Granny Square Quilt, 24. Dolly quilts on the line, 25. Garden Party, 26. Scandi Birdies off to market, 27. My space at market, 28. Japanese X and + Blocks