Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Global phenomenon....

It seems the 'scrappy trip around the world' block has indeed taken the blogasphere and instagram by storm. I was a bit late to join the tripping so missed the #scrappytripalong which began around new years eve on instagram thanks to Megan and Katy. Since that time a wonderful assortment of quilts have surfaced almost resistance was nigh on impossible. My quilt top is an attempt to feature green and saturated brights....which is a little difficult to see in an instagram shot! I can also see a block (second row far right) that needs a bit of adjustment. That rich pink/red dot is bugging me split the way it has so it will be out with the quick-unpick for that one. I've managed 22 blocks so far with 8 more to go.
If you want to have a go at the highly addictive, super simple scrappy trip around the world block you can find the tutorial here.

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  1. I've bookmarked it, but haven't started anything - actually haven't touched my machine for about 3 weeks. Zero motivation at the moment....