Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Picnicker.....

I present to you, the 'Picnicker' quilt. A lovely collection of 3 1/2" squares of fabric, cut from left overs and stitched together in a random fashion (well maybe not that random...and to be precise the stitching's not random...the placement is!) to create a 60" square, free motion stippled quilt, backed with fabulous fabric gifted from my lovely friend Michelle and bound with some black and white floral fabric found in the back of the stash cupboard. Wouldn't this quilt make the perfect picnic quilt?
Does this sound like a commercial?
Yes indeedee it does! But perhaps I'm rehearsing for the fact that I'm donating another quilt towards R's school's music tour to Ireland. Next week is her 'Soiree' performance and this quilt will be donated as a raffle prize.
This quilt was a delight to make. I'd spent some lovely past holiday time cutting the fabric waiting for the right time to stitch it all back together. Lots of lovely memories in each little snippet of fabric....and much of it ready to leave my cupboard, so that makes it all the more easier to say goodbye to and give away to a new home.
I mentioned before that once cut, the fabric was paired, and then pieced as a block of 4 and then 8 and then 16's. Simple and pretty accurate.
The back was a lovely bright pink/orange/white butterfly combo fabric that Michelle gifted.  I'm not sure of its origin (Ikea?) but it was a spectacular width of 57", which meant that I only had to add a few fancy strips of white and orange to blend it all together to create the right amount of backing.

Here's hoping the audience see fit to buy a ticket in the raffle and that this little scrappy collection of fabric gets a new life in another home! But I have to say, save your scraps, cut them into 3 1/2" squares and zip lock them away because you too could have something very similar one day soon! (There....that's the real commercial for all of you fabric loving, quilt making readers of this blog!)