Thursday, June 14, 2012

Left to their own devices....

At the last minute, L advised that he needed to take cupcakes to school today because it was his birthday. I thought (or was secretly hoping) that by Grade 5, the kids would have grown out of that ritual. No such luck!
So in between cooking spaghetti bolognaise sauce last night, I popped on my multi-task hat and whipped up a batch of 3 dozen cup cakes. As I was running out the door to my cherished Sew & Sew's catch up, R asked if I wanted her and L to decorate the cakes.
"Oh, yes please!"
When I arrived home a few hours later the kitchen smelt delicious, filled with the aroma of freshly baked cakes, sweet icing, mini marshmallows and lollies. But my senses went into overload when I caught sight of what they had created!What clever little sausages they are - crazy faced monster cakes! Each one individual and whacky. I'm so proud of them and in particular my little 11 year old charmer. Happy birthday L!

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