Sunday, June 10, 2012

Breathing the same air.....

It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend. Normally we would go to our shack but this year we decided not to go. R has just come home fairly wrecked from a grueling school camp to the Grampians...probably as much her late night activities coupled with the strenuous activities the school inflicted each day! Not to mention the mountain of washing she brought home and the need to dry it in this bitterly cold weather.
I have limited sewing accoutrements at the shack, although these are gradually building, so I pick my take-away projects carefully...generally ones that don't need ironing or robust quilting. This time last year I packed a small cutting mat and a ruler along with larger sized fabric scraps that could be cut down to 3 1/2" squares. I remember that weekend cutting, cutting and cutting to create a rainbow pack of squares. Seeing as they'd sat in my cupboard for a year, I thought it high time they were patchworked into a top.I started off pairing each square, then joining the pairs into 4's, then 8's and then 16's. I'm aiming for a 60" square quilt which will be 20 squares across by 20 down. Here they are placed on the floor before piecing.
What's amazing is the number of patchwork quilts appearing this weekend, it seems like there are a few of us breathing the same air! There's this one here and this one here. Both gorgeous. Let's hope this one turns out equally as nice!

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  1. It's lovely. That's a great combination of fabrics...especially all that gorgeous orange!