Sunday, November 14, 2010

Exit stage left.....

....but only having entered from stage right! Which was the order of the day at R's end of semester instrumental recital.
I can't believe a year has rolled around so fast. It only seemed a little while ago when I posted about last year's end of semester recital. And yet, here we are again but this time watching R present two instrumental performances.
The first was guitar accommpanied by her teacher Mr K. and sitting in front of the forthcoming 'Prince of Egypt' backdrop which included the hand-made 'do not touch' sign. Rustic....? Or, garage?
R only took guitar up this year so we were immensly proud of her effort.
And the second, albiet hiding behind the music stand, was solo violin which she's been playing since grade one.
This year she admitted to nervousness which she's never mentioned until now.
It didn't show. She was terrific in our eyes.
A great afternoon followed by a late lunch at the pub up the road from her school and R still hiding behind something! At least she's smiling now!


  1. Love R's skirt! She has a great sense of style.

  2. Oh Kay....I used to own that skirt. It's a Laura Ashley that I used to be able to wear about 11 years ago. I couldn't bear to ever part with it because I loved the fabric. Ruby did too. I took it in for her and she's now wearing it without worrying about her belt holding it up! Not quite vintage....let's call it classic!