Monday, November 8, 2010


...does my brain brim over with quilt ideas? It's enough to leave you sleep deprived!
I'm in the throws of piecing an absolutely gorgeous quilt top....I mean seriously gorgeous. It's fabric that is delightful and the pattern is coming together brilliantly. And then in between all of that, I'm turning the key to the cupboard door and pulling out fabric, lining it up and taking photos!I know I look for excuses in my quilt making and whilst I could go on making lovely little girl quilts for R, I think she would eventually feel less that impressed with yet another quilt. Kind of passe about how involved quilts are to create.
My latest idea is for my 'littlest' brother who lives in Melbourne and has done for a long time. We miss him dreadfully, so when he was in Adelaide a few weekends ago and after spending a great night out at our favourite local Thai restaurant, Tongue Thai'd, followed by late night chats and mega red wine consumption, we got to the subject of favourite colours and fabric selection.
JP loved the green bird fabric from Ikea and a whole bunch of solids in grey, green, brown and muted blue. I think I might have a go at one of these or these.
Well, next at least. After the one I'm working on now, and the one I've got to quilt for someone's birthday at the end of the month and the two I have in the wardrobe......and then study starts again on Monday.....'s no wonder I can't sleep! But in a good way....

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