Friday, May 21, 2010

School camp....

L went on his very first school camp. He's in grade 3. It's the first time he's been completely away from us.
We didn't want to make a big deal....I think that provokes anxiety. Afterall, he was cool about the whole thing, he'd seen R come and go on school and girl guide camps tonnes of times and he was excited about going.
To be honest, I don't think he completely got it. L lives in the moment and his language disorder prevents him from seeing the big picture and understanding that there is an end and eventually you come home (it was only 2 nights).
I kept my mobile it intuition. Tuesday afternoon an unknown number came up on my phone. It was Mr C, L's teacher. Instantly I asked if something was wrong. He was relaxed, "no nothing's wrong....but L misses you and just wants to talk to you. He knows there's one more sleep and he's OK with that, he just wants to say hello."
So L and I chatted. I couldn't really understand him....but didn't want to pressure him into explaining himself. We said goodbye, see you tomorrow, daddy will pick you up. All good.
Joe picked L up the next afternoon and was met by our beautiful smiling boy but berated with a "where have you been?".
When we opened the concerned about everything returning home (I spent hours stitching in labels!), I noticed that the socks were still zipped away in the bag.
"L, did you change your socks?"
"....umm.....I can't remember...."
I don't care!

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  1. You need to get iron on labels dear - much quicker! But beware of writing names in texta on the soles of socks.....when said socks come off sweaty little feet, the name has been transferred from the socks to the feet....I thought she'd gotten a tattoo!

    I'm so very glad L had a good time. I can imagine you were anxious enough for both....I know how anxious I was about Jamboree....and it is a testament to you and the school that he came through with flying colours. When I read about the troubles ASD kids have in our public school system, I am even more thankful for the support our kids are getting (even if we can't always see it).