Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lots on....not much happening....

I'm frantically cramming for an exam in 10 days time and I'll be VERY relieved when it's over. I haven't really enjoyed this subject and have used every excuse under the sun to quilt instead of I'm not very confident. As part of my exam preparation I've had to instigate a self imposed ban on all things quilting. I'm beside myself! I've even had to stop looking at my favourite blogs in case they spark enthusiasm in the wrong direction and quilt book bedside reading has been replaced with reviewing management text books (blahhhhh!). But because of my typically easily side tracked nature, I've left a plethora of half finished projects in my wake.....and I'm still tossing and turning thinking about the next round of quilts I'd love to make. But I just have to focus till this exam is out of the way. Roll on Tuesday the 8th and then it will be back to this....

Baby H's quilt that uses the orange and green jelly roll strips from my very favourite Sweet by Urban Chiks.....and my stashbuster quilt that's only slightly more progressed than this lovely cut pile.
So back to the books and watching L dance in the rain!

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