Saturday, January 23, 2010

My creative space.....

Was an absolute shamble this morning at 12.47am.
But by 3.30pm this afternoon I had managed to complete 30 x 8 1/4" paper pieced strip blocks made completely...I said COMPLETELY out of scraps. Even the paper was recycled from essay drafts ....I have lots of them!I've been very conscious since I made my first string quilt to sort my scraps. If they were long or rectangle I put them aside until they were burgeoning out of the bag. I had a bit of a production line going so there is a slight repetition of fabric to match up and I would have to say it made the process of making the blocks much quicker than my first attempt.
I love the fact that this collection of blocks is made from little pieces of fabric that will add up to one fairly substantial patchwork top. However, looking at it on the design floor I think I could do with about 6 more blocks.....maybe!
The photo isn't very clear but the central strips are pale pink and I think I'll use the same fabric for a wide border. I reckon I'll bust out the lime hippos from Ikea that I've been stashing for the backing and that stripey binding fabric I discarded earlier in the week will probably make an appearance on this quilt too.
No plans for a recipient just yet.....just a little project to keep me up at night!

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