Friday, January 22, 2010

A bit of housework.....

It seems that even though I've been on a stay-at-home holiday it's ended up being quite busy. My aim was to finish a lot of half completed quilting projects or at least progress some of them. I've managed at least one more finish this week.....a second little house quilt. All the little houses are made out of scraps which is very satisfying.
However the quilt itself ended up being one of those problematic quilts where so many things went wrong along the way. For some reason my bottom tension started to play up which I've deduced was a bobbin winding issue. Then whilst fixing that I got some grease on the top (bahhh!) and whilst fairy-spot cleaning it, it left a water mark (double bahhhh!). I cut out some binding and then hated it and chose something else. And the stippling itself seemed to take ages. I haven't stippled anything for a while so perhaps I'm out of practice! But then again, it's more likely to be the fact that we decided to paint our bathroom and even though this could be described as the smallest room in the house it's been a labourious task. In between Joe sugar soaping ceilings and painting I've been painting the architraves. When we bought our house all of the woodwork was painted a disgusting mix of puce and 'government green'. When my sister first visited she asked if the house glowed in the dark! I spent years stripping all the old paint to reveal beautiful red pine architraves and skirtings. With our polished floorboards and stripped doors (some of the doors I managed to french polish!) we kept the architraves un-painted. However the bathroom woodwork was always bitty with a mix of woods so I decided to paint it and this is has been a big task with undercoating and acrylic coats all whilst balancing on a very long ladder in small confines. It's been ages since I was up a ladder for an extended period and my legs are really suffering from leaning into the rungs.....however the smallest room in the house is looking pretty grand!

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  1. Oh , I do love your little house quilt .
    It's a beauty !!!