Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tick two things off today....

I finished my red and pink zig zag last night. I opted for the red and white spot from the Sweet range for the binding and I think it packs a punch. Usually I go for a stripe but because the top zig zag is red and white stripe, it would have been too too much at that top end. The backing is bright pink with a tiny red polka dot. The pink is a bit bright compared to the rest of the pinks in the quilt but I figure it's the other side so it has its own personality. I'm really pleased with the whole's lovely.

And the other thing I'm ticking off? My exam. The thing I should have been studying for last night when I was stitching on binding. Oh well, who needs Strategic Planning when you could be sitting in front of the telly with a needle and thread. Wish me luck!

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