Sunday, June 28, 2009

The process of de-pinking

My little girl R has always been a pink girl. I didn't foist it upon her, it just happened. And as quick as it happened, it un-happened.
Now 12 years old, pink's no longer appropriate. Neither are the plethora of baby dolls, Bratz or Barbies, soft toys, fairies or tutu's. So we're de-pinking. We're re-painting after such a short amount of time (I wish I'd kept the room the original cream!). Worse still, my first quilt will be removed from the room. It's inspired by Candy Shop from Material Obsession and it was the VERY first quilt I finished. It's even hand quilted! AND I made a cushion to match.
Now R's room will be white with red accessories. Here's where the red and white quilt comes in! Oh well, at least with white walls it's a plain canvas for the next time there's a change in the air!

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