Friday, May 15, 2009

Red and White WIP

It seems most blogs I'm reading are talking up the merits of the disappearing 9 much so I decided to give it go. To top that off, Clare came to the same conclusion. Even more uncanny is that we're both working on quilts for our girls and they're both red and white! There's just no accounting for good taste I say!

I love how a pile of fabric squares can work its way into being a strip, then a patch, then a quilt.

Here's how far I've got with mine....still a way's to go. If only I didn't have an assignment and exam hanging over my head!


  1. I finished piecing Gs red quilt on Saturday afternoon - how far have you got with yours!!!

  2. I'm still piecing but got myself in such a muddle last night I had to stop. I have an assignment to hand up, so as much as I'd like to spend quality time with my machine, I just have to restrain myself!