Thursday, May 21, 2009

Beautiful things

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I'm not a fan of eating mushrooms. But there's no denying fungi can be spectacular looking. So when I saw these little toadstools growing in the office atrium, I couldn't resist taking a snap. Particularly as they don't last long. Tomorrow they'll be fungi dust just like the ones that dried on the wall a few days ago.
On the sewing front, I've unpicked the red and white seams, ironed it again and have it ready to lay out when I can have a good solid run at it with few distractions (does that ever happen?). So in the meantime, an experiment, a diversion.

There's lots of inspiration out there in blog world for paper piecing strip scraps, see here and here. It's a lot of fun and pretty easy once you get going. Here's the start of mine. It's still got the paper on the back and still pretty random but I'm really loving it! I'm even tempted to start cutting strips instead of using scraps!

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