Sunday, October 28, 2012

Something for baby....

If I've said it once, I'm sure I've said it ten times. I love making baby quilts and I love giving them away just as much.
But there aren't too many babies in my immediate circle....we're currently the 'parents of teens looking for part time jobs gang'. So you can imagine my absolute delight when I learnt that there was a baby in the family! Whoo hoo!
Joe's nephew has announced their second is on the way and due in March. Well done Matt and Sylvia, you've given me purpose.
Now that side of the family seems to be a bit boy centric...they already have one beautiful boy, his brother has a boy and their girl cousins have all guessed it...boys! Not one girl amongst them.
Not that I'm requesting a girl but I wanted to work with some lovely prints I'd purchased recently. (Selfish....I know...) So given that the gender hasn't been announced and the likelihood that it could quite more than probably be a boy...but I'm also a statistician by day....the odds as they say, might be in their favour I've used pink....and some blue, red and green.
Let's not get too hung up on girl or boy for now....I'm seeing brand new baby here!
My inspiration is the very lovely Nana Company, very similar, but different!
And oh my goodness....this is my 300th post. How delightful! Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting.

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