Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Does this match the picture?

I was recently gifted a pile of 'foodie' magazines from a friend of my sister's who has moved to Perth to pursue her career. I have gradually removed them from M-M's house, taking the last pile last Friday night. Whilst I haven't had a chance to really sit down and read them, the Delicious magazine on the top of Friday night's pile from August 2007 caught my eye. I found myself thumbing through it at breakfast on Saturday morning determining that we pretty much had the ingredients for the front cover featured recipe....'Winter pavlova with quince and cinnamon cream'.
Now I know it's not winter here...in fact the last few days have delivered hot 30+ degree days (I'm talking celcius), so we are on the trajectory for a very hot summer....but....I have a beautiful quince tree that's now about 5 years old. As my tree has matured, it's delivered more and more quince bounty. I have found that Stephanie Alexander's poached quinces freeze really well and I happened to still have some in the freezer. I also happened to have some frozen egg whites which also freeze exceptionally well and if treated carefully in the de-frost make spectacular pavlova. Game on.....!
I was making something else on Sunday that required yolks only so I had two fresh whites and a batch* of gradually defrosted whites. *I can never remember how many are in the frozen container so I use them all!
Here's my version of the Quince Pavlova. I didn't have any praline so I used a smashed up 'Cadbury Crunchy' bar! We all thought it was pretty alright.
I'm linking up with A Quilters Table, Tuesday at Table. Deb wants us to share a seasonal recipe. Whilst mine's seasonal....it's kind of a stashed season and the result of a wonderful gifted treasure.

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  1. Ha. The other thing about 'seasonal' is with followers around the world, we aren't all in the same season! ;-) Love that you had a seasonal stash to make pavlova. I only discovered pavlova this year - yummy! Thanks for linking up!