Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ruby +.....

I'm a bit lost for words over this one so I'll pepper this post with lots of images.
This is my Ruby Plus Quilt that I commenced back in December last year. I finally finished it last night and I'm as pleased as punch to have done so. Here goes....
Quilting started last Sunday morning. I was on a mission to get this quilt quilted before my holidays ended and even though it was the last day of our holidays and we'd headed to the country for lunch, I managed to finish it by days end. Needless to say I was a little bleary eyed once back at work!
This is such a pretty line of fabric by Bonnie and Camille. I've used the reds, greens, greys and a smattering of the pink.The binding is delicious!
This one will end up on R's bed. Those of you who know me will guess why!
It's lovely to have a quilt finished. Now onto some of the other UFO's that are calling for their finish. And here's another pic just for fun!


  1. oh this is just perfect! It looks so soft and lovely - congrats on one awesome finish!!

  2. It is so pretty! Very cheerful yet feminine. Well done!

  3. It is very pretty ... love that Ruby !!

  4. It looks lovely, and I know it feels great to finish a UFO

  5. Hi Theresa
    Your ruby plus quilt look so pretty. I want to know which pattern you used and the size of the quares of the plus? Thank you and have a nice day. Leana