Saturday, July 14, 2012

During my holidays....

I played at being a 'Farmer's Wife' and finished up 36 blocks!I had started this little journey some months ago and had about 10 in my collection and whilst I had every intention of getting stuck into some other UFO's, I found once I started these little 6" blocks, I couldn't stop! Now I'm taking the book to bed at night and attaching post-it notes to pages and ticking off ones I think I can manage! I'm aiming for 50 blocks which will yield a lap sized quilt.
I'm finding the hardest part is settling on the fabrics. Once they're cut though, most are a pretty straight forward to put together. I say most because some do have quite a few small components. These are the ones that deliver the most grief. There isn't a lot of wriggle room for trimming and I'm finding that some of these tiny pieces end up out of shape. All that aside, I'm pretty happy with the majority of mine. I've learnt along the way about contrasting fabric choices and whilst some of my earlier blocks are a little 'clashy', they're still in the 'good pile' in favour of a couple that may have to be re-done due to poor piecing and chopped corners. All good fun and very satisfying.


  1. I am always totally in awe at what you manage to produce in your down time...totally!!!

  2. I didn't look at the m the other night laid out like this - they look totally gorgeous..