Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday 4pm.....

....I'm at work ploughing through some analysis and up pops 'home' on my mobile.
R: "Mum can you make me a bag?"
Me: "What do you mean a bag? You've plenty of bags. What sort of bag are you talking about?"
R: "I know what I want....I've got a pattern....I'll make it".
Me (thinking "you're not coming anywhere near my Bernina") "R, I seriously don't have time. You're off to music camp tomorrow and we're supposed to be packing for......"
R: "Don't worry about it then...." (read with teen angst)
Me: "Well tell me what you're thinking."
R: "A red shoulder bag for my music."
Me: "I'll talk to you when I get home...."
So I get home. We talk about what she needs and why all the other bags won't do. We go through the cupboard and pull out some Paula Prass, red Zinnias from her Flights of Fancy range along with some red cobblestones and linen. R is impressed with the selection.
So I made the bag. Dinner was late.She loves it. It's perfect.
Why did I forgo the load of washing and the packing and all the other stuff I'd planned for tonight?
Dunno...I guess because I'm a Mum and I was wanted. And, R might not want a home made bag with a 'Little Sew & Sew's' tag next time. And the final thing, I reckon my Mum would have done it for me.

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