Friday, February 4, 2011

County Fair Cushions....

When I first discovered quilting and the associated world of fabric, I very quickly discovered and fell in love with the designs of the very talented Denyse Schmidt. At the time, I hadn't discovered the world of Etsy or Ebay and was buying the tail end of fabric releases via Australian sources. Whilst I firmly believe in stimulating one's own economy....I ended up paying a fortune for her fabric....only to discover that what I was buying was 'home decorator' weight of Country Fair and not quilting cotton weight. I told myself that it would be OK for a quilt because I truly loved (still do) the design and the colours. I cut it up into 2 1/2" strips ....a ....long...time....ago and then popped the cut strips neatly into the cupboard. And that's where it's stayed until last December when I hit on the great idea to make my girlfriend some cushion covers for her birthday.
The concept for the cushions is based on foundation paper pieced strip quilts using 4 blocks per cushion. My cushions will end up at 25" or 61cm.
I made extra large foundation squares out of newspaper....which I would not recommend now that I've done it. Reason: when you rip the paper off, little bits of the glued foundation pieces stay stuck and when you iron your fabric it has this 'fish and chip' smell about it. Plus you get quite a bit of ink on your fingers too!! But in newspaper's defence was the only paper I had that would give me the size square I needed for my blocks, so I lived with it!
I've pieced the blocks in a diamond design and then quilted either side of the seams in straight line quilting using my walking foot. I've ended up with two matching cushion covers. I love them and wish I could keep them! However, I won't get too attached because I've got enough left over to make myself a set and I can always go and visit them at Kathryn's!


  1. Check out the art supplies next time - I'm sure there are scrapbooks/sketch pads out there that would be a better alternative than newspaper! (I would be worried about the ink rubbing off on the fabric....)

  2. I have a roll of butchers paper that I got from Ikea!