Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blowing the diet.....

Not that I'd made any official pledge or anything but I had been telling myself (a lot) that I really have enough fabric and should be making better use of my stash...or at least attempted some of the projects that I'd imagined that I HAD to do which is the reason why I have so much fabric in the first place. So I sort of said "no more fabric".
But then I found some Sherbet Pips on Etsy.... I was just looking and it was the very last yummy, scrummy jelly roll! How ironic that we call the process of not purchasing fabric a 'diet' only to be tempted by a jelly roll called Sherbet Pips. Too funny.
I'd visited the fabulous Etsy store Bloomerie and they tempted me futher with a gorgeous Kokka linen with a french theme....ooh la la!
To top it all off, after a discussion with one of R's friends about our mutual love of all things 'Alice in Wonderland' I found a divine A.I.W. Japanese print on Ebay, in red no less! I couldn't resist.
Yes, my name is Theresa and ...I'm addicted to fabric.

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