Sunday, January 30, 2011

How 'bout a kiss?

A week or so ago as I was wandering the garden and happened to look up only to discover that we had miseltoe in our purple hibiscus! I was really surprised to say the least as I thought this 'pest' was confined to regional areas, and I'd certainly not ever heard of it inhabiting the Adelaide Plains. But I do understand that it continues to exist because of bird droppings carrying the seed pods.
At the time we were leaving for our shack when it was disovered and obviously, didn't do anything about it. Now we're back and it's in bloom.
I'm torn.
It's beautiful but it's a parasite. It's certainly an 'exotic pest'. And I have to say, now that I look at it, its vine structure is tangling its way around a plant that I'd really like to keep.
Looks like there's a bit of homework to be done! Or at the very least, the big clippers will be dragged out of the shed before things get too out of control!

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