Friday, December 3, 2010

Bursting with pride....

'Straight off the bat' from R's graduation has been L's last day of school assembly.
Each year at this assembly the school awards a select group of boys from each class with the Edmund Rice Award. Edmund Rice was the founder of the school's philosophy. The award is given to the boys who exemplify the spirit of Edmund Rice showing compassion, friendship and guidance and is the absolute pinnacle of any award the school gives out.
L was lucky enough to be nominated again this year. He also won one last year.
Last year we received a letter to our home and a request not to say anything to L. They like to keep it a surprise. Joe and I quipped a couple of weeks ago that it looked like we wouldn't be at assembly this year!
A few days ago I was in the school front office and the Receptionist asked if L had given us 'the letter'.
"What letter?", I responded.
"The one about assembly and the nomination", she said, and then did a double take as she checked her list in case she got the wrong kid, wrong parent, wrong award!
No, he was definitely on the list.
I said, without any details, "we'd be there".
So L was up there again this year. Taking it all in his stride and giving us the thumbs up at the end. (He obviously hasn't connected the fact that if your parents are at assembly it usually means you're going to win something!)
I commend the school for selecting boys on this basis because we certainly wouldn't be there for academic or sporting achievements.
And I realise that pride is one of life's 7 deadly sins, but I think that particular sin needs a bit of a rethink!

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  1. What a wonderful award - without a doubt it justifies pride! Congratulations to L for being so worthy.