Monday, August 15, 2016

Scrappy little drawstring bags.....

Whilst working on something else recently I had an urge to make a little patchwork bag out of 2.5" squares. It turned out really sweetly, so I decided to make another....only bigger. That one turned out even better and because I had some up-cycled leather cord I finished that one off first.

Then I whizzed into the city and grabbed some cording to finish off the first one.

Then a few weeks ago, Clare gifted me some little triangle off-cuts that she'd saved for me. They were really pretty low volume pastel colours left over from a baby quilt. I couldn't get flying geese out of my head so I decided to use the triangles as scrappy flying geese. I placed a triangle onto opposite corners of a 2.5" white square lining up the edges of the triangle with the corners and stitched an extremely scant seam. Then trimmed down the middle to yield two 2" 1/2 square triangles. It wasted a little bit of fabric and some were a bit wonky. However in the main I didn't bother trimming them square and just went for it, piecing them together into two 12.5" square blocks of 4 pairs across by 7 down.

Then during the night I decided I needed a new knitting bag for a girl's knitting weekend. I got up super early the next morning (after dreaming about how I was going to do it all night!) and quickly made another drawstring bag out of the scrappy flying geese blocks. I placed a piece of left over batting in between a calico backing and straight line quilted vertical lines then finished it off with lining and striped casing.

I love how it turned out and so does my daughter who has asked for one of her very own but bigger for her laptop. Lucky I save all my own binding corners and have other sewing friends who give me theirs. The zip-lock bags are about to be upturned again!

The original pattern I used for the drawstring bags is a tutorial by Ayumi on her Pink Penguin blog. It gives instructions for the small sized bag I made and I've just re-sized it from there.

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  1. Super cute! I keep meaning to make something similar!