Saturday, October 10, 2015

Plus One....

This is the year of the '18th' in our household with R seemingly at an 18th party just about every second week. R requested a Plus Quilt for a special friend's birthday which is coming up mid month.

Even though she actually asked way back in July....I still managed to only find time for it these past two weeks. Whilst it was a bit of a rush to the finish line which reduced due to booking in a machine service, I still managed it in good time and to actually take some photos before it leaves. (I made another quilt earlier this year and it left before I could get any photos and I'm still kicking myself.)

R and I discussed favourite colours and I could see her staring at my lovely stash of DS Quilts Picadilly which was released through Spotlight. It has the perfect amount of vibrant green, blue and pink which were all requested and even though based on traditional fabric designs has a modern edge perfect for an 18 year old.

I reluctantly agreed, dreading the prospect of cutting into much loved and hoarded fabric. But to my absolute delight it was being discontinued and discounted at Spotlight and I subsequently ran around to the four that span my area and picked up all bar one of the designs.

And because the prices were so cheap I managed to get two lots of yardage for a back...I had options even! I opted for the tiny blue flower and bound it the blue mosaic (my name for it!).

The plus quilt pattern is by Jeni Baker and is perfect for featuring a whole fabric line. I was a little short on the specified quantity in the range so I added in a bright yellow and orange micro gingham.

Now that the photos are taken, the quilt is ready for wrapping, and the blog written, I'm linking up with Crazy Mom's Finish it up Friday.


  1. I've always liked the Plus quilt pattern, hope to get to stitch my version one of these days.

  2. This is an awesome finish, Theresa. Plus quilts are some of my favorite. Denyse Schmidt is great too. I have been hoarding her whole Hope Valley line for years. It is getting time to use it. This is a great quilt for a 18 year old's gift. I hopped over from Crazy Moms. Thanks for sharing. (The Carpenter's Daughter).

  3. I just finished up a plus quilt, too :-) This version is so nice and cheery! I'm sure your daughter's friend will love it. It was very kind of you to use treasured fabric (and nice that you were able to pick up more for a great price :-)

  4. Your color arrangement works very well to distribute accent and background plusses. The yellow was a great addition.

  5. These are such lovely fabrics and the Plus design is perfect for an 18 year old!

  6. I'm late to the party but this is just beautiful Theresa!