Saturday, December 27, 2014

Modern Maples.....

Way back in October my sister commissioned me to make a birthday quilt for her friend. I suggested the Modern Maples pattern which is a free pattern that has been floating around for some time. The recipient lives in the Adelaide Hills which is the city's home to autumnal foliage....even when it's not Autumn. (It was actually Spring time when she received her quilt in late October!)

I loved making this quilt. The blocks are really straight forward and is a great way to feature individual fabrics in a large-sh way. I chose to make my maple leaves traditionally autumnal so I got to use quite a few fabrics that were languishing in the cupboard because they don't usually go with my other fabric pulls. But together in this quilt....they were awesome.

The back features the last of my Ikea bird fabric in the brown. In fact, it was several long strip pieces that I jigsawed together in Kona Snow frames. My photos don't show this but it merged together really well.

If you'd like to make this quilt you can find the free download here!

Linking up to Crazy Mom's Finish it up Friday....even if I did finish it a few Friday's ago!


  1. Hi Theresa! I found your blog on Crazy Mom Quilts =) Amazing Finish! I love your use of colors! =) ~ Happy Sewing! ~ Aloha!

  2. This turned out really lovely! Feel free to add it to the Falling for Modern Maples flickr group:

  3. Beautiful! I've always loved maple leaf blocks.

  4. I love the maple leaf quilts. I made one in red and white for my cousin and his Canadian wife when their first child was born. Yours looks great. Did the recipient like it?