Monday, September 10, 2012

Non gender specific....

R's English teacher is leaving at the end of the term to have her first baby. Now I've mentioned many times that my circle of friends are done with our own babies and are embroiled in the daily dealings of pre-teens and teens. I shouldn't complain too much, we'll hopefully be grandparents in next to no time if the speed at which our own babies have grown up is maintained! In any case, I jump at hearing about impending births so I have an opportunity to whip up a little quilt. Baby quilts are so satisfying in between the bigger productions. Short sharp and shiny and done with in a weekend!Ms J doesn't know the gender of her baby so I've gone with something that can go with either a girl or a boy....lots of red, blue and green. Once again I combined fabrics from my stash and went with my favourite 5" blocks. There's a healthy does of DS Quilts fabrics, some pezzy print and spots of various colours.I've also machine bound this quilt, something I'm getting better at with each attempt.

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  1. Great choice of fabrics and a very pretty gender neutral quilt :)