Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Granny....

The Granny Square quilt that Clare and I have been making for our friend is finished. It's just lovely ...even if I say so myself!
We shared the block making and it's surprising what you can find in your scrap bin to turn into a Granny block. Together we brought a bunch of random and donated bits of fabric (thank you Kay and Michelle) that stitched together into an eclectic colour mix to create nothing short of a wonderful quilt top and backing.
We had a splendid time sorting and balancing colour choices. It sure is a fun task playing with someone else's 2 1/2" pre cut squares! So much so, the girls and I have already spent another evening throwing fabric scraps into the centre of the table to cut into 2 1/2" squares for us to divvy up next time we meet. This is a great way to move around some fabric that we've pulled and used just one too many times! So stay tuned for a bit more of the Granny Power!Clare stitched this top and I quilted and bound it. The binding is a quite wide stripe of red and the palest of pinks that I've had in the cupboard for a while now. The red works with the front (we both do red...a lot!) and the pink works with the back....(which I do...a lot!) I love it....we love it, I'm sure J will love it too!


  1. It's beautiful! Of course your friend will be pleased!

  2. What a great idea to swap 2 1/2" squares! I love the traditional look of your granny squares too - perfect. (Lucky friend!)

    (BTW - I am really struggling with your Capta images. They are so difficult to read because of the way they squish together. I know you're having spam problems (otherwise you wouldn't use Capta) but I'm to the point where I won't leave comments if I have to work too hard to do so. Thanks for letting me vent -)