Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shabby makeover.....

Some weeks ago I was driving down my mum's street with my mum in the car when I noticed an upturned coffee table on the side of the road. I slammed on the brakes and jumped out, exclaiming, "I'm having that!". It's amazing how much strength a woman can muster when picking up a piece of furniture at lightening speed and singlehandedly ramming it into the back seat of the car. (I would have asked mum to help but she's just had her second shoulder reconstruction!!) I was thrilled with my find and mum agreed that it was a pretty good score on the basis that she is an avid fan of anything with cabriole legs. Little did she know what I had in mind for it. (insert evil laugh here.) Joe helped me get it out of the car when I got home (see... brute strength gone now). I thought he'd have a fit particularly when we noticed candle wax on top (nahhh superficial!) and that each of the corners had been gnawed (....ohh!). Must have been something with a serious teething problem! But Joe, always the practical one thought that seeing as the legs were a bit curvy then rounded corners would work so he set about cutting them off with the jigsaw. Now I haven't yet revealed what I wanted this treasure for.....the shack! So I had no intention of restoring this little table but rather dressing it up to dress it down! After rounding the corners, Joe brought out the belt sander....a tool that scares the pants off of me because of its weight and propensity to gouge. The top looked pretty good when he'd finished particularly as I had poured boiling water to remove the last of the candle wax and that had played complete havoc with the previous'd think I hadn't studied french polishing for three years wouldn't you? I was tempted to leave the top with the wood exposed....but I didn't. I undercoated the whole lot and then popped on a coat of pale blue. But over the days I had left it to dry I began to think it was too light...almost the colour you would use for a baby's I bought a can of turquoise. I should also mention that I also bought a new hand sander because my other one died, the undercoat, the pale blue paint, brushes and a couple of other I'm now looking at around $120 and was starting to grumble that I could have bought a *&^%&*$# new coffee table! I spent hours painting this table....I reckon 3-4 weekends worth, coat upon coat to achieve a beautiful smooth finish. And then this morning I 'attacked' it with the 60 grit sandpaper and knocked it all back to shabby. Taaaa daaah!I also got stuck into a couple of other pieces of shack furniture that I had bought home. Each time there was paint on the brush, I painted these two as well. They were both from Ikea and were thrown out a few years back for $5 each. (They were probably only worth $5!) I didn't take a before photo (or a during for that matter) but they were, well.....Ikea-ish plain pine. Now they're beachy. I just hope they don't get scratched in the car on the way back to the shack! Ha!

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  1. They look fab! And the turquoise looks much, much better than the light blue.

    But if only I'd known - I have a little pine stool that I've been meaning to paint blue for our beach wouldn't even have noticed one more, would you???