Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red, green, blue and pink.....

I took up my own challenge to make a few blocks for the Threaded Mess I-spy rainbow block drive which was a welcome distraction in between study breaks this weekend. So far, I've managed four in total. We've got the red matryoshka dolls, green hippos, blue puppies and pink pussycats. Putting the four together really gave me a feel for how lovely these little premmie quilts are going to be. I love the diamond meeting in the centre as much as the I-spy centres. I also made a few metres of rainbow coloured binding. The original fabric was an Ikea stripe and I'd had it cut for something and never used it but it will add a lovely bright touch to Natalie's little rainbow quilts.


  1. Theresa- so cute! And blessings to you and all the others that support Natalies charity quilt project. I especially love the rainbow binding!

    All the best to you- Chris

  2. your blocks are absolutely adorable and the stripe binding will be perfect with all the rainbow colors! Thank you so much for helping out with my block drive and for blogging about it so that others can hopefully get involved too!