Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kozzy's Quilt....

Remember the little Rainbow Magic quilt that I made for our friend who lives in Surrey in the UK? At the time we didn't know the baby's gender, hence its neutrality. Nor did we have his address as we tend to email these days. It took Joe so long to get Scott's address that the quilt remained here unsent. I quipped a few weeks back that I may as well wait till the baby is born and send another that fits the gender!
As I was tidying up my fabric stash a week or so ago I found a little pink Prints Charming bird panel that I'd bought at AQC and a whole bunch of pink fabrics that I'd forgotten that I had. I started fiddling with a layout and was really tempted to cut the quilt out. It would be perfect for a little baby girl. But I'm superstitious and thought that if I cut it out, Scott and Rachel would surely have a boy.
That pile of fabric lay on the table for days as this baby grew longer and longer overdue.
Then as we were all screaming at the television in the dying moments of the AFL's drawn grand final two Saturday's ago, the phone rang. It was a very tired Scott. He and Rachel had a little girl. I fired off all the questions that you ask when a new baby is born with Scott just laughing, unable to tell me much more than her weight...."why do girls ask all those questions?", he said.
"Well, what's her name then?", I asked.
"Right now it's Kozzy. We haven't got a name for her just yet, so it's a mix of Kiwi and Ozzy." (Rachel is a New Zealander.)
So I got to use that Prints Charming bird panel and the pink fabric, along with some pastel yellow and cerise.And as I was spending quite a few hours sitting in the car on the weekend travelling to Melbourne, I got to finish the binding and embroider the panel with co-ordinating cottons. (Now that I look at the photo I can see the shape of my quilting ring!)
So baby Kozzy will be receiving two quilts very soon.

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  1. oh, so you got to make it after all! and it's turned out just beautiful....but when do you sleep?????