Sunday, June 20, 2010

Party on.....

L celebrated his 9th birthday with his school friends today. It's funny....parties seem to be standard fare these days, most often outsourced at a huge price per person, sometimes competitive, and with a winter baby, hard to come up with something that's out of the elements and different from what has already been done.
We decided to have his party at home this year. Guess what....everyone said 'yes' and after chatting with the parents, an 'at home' party was a major reason behind them all coming. A few mums stayed, most left with a sly grin and a 'have fun' blessing! But with the plethora of 'stuff' we have in our back yard...not one of the 13 little boys was bored. The trampoline got a major work out but sadly left a lot of socks very, very muddy!
L had one game request. The donut game. We tied donuts to the clothes line at strategically appropriate heights. Oh....the power of asking 9 year olds to take a step back, hands behind your back, ready, steady.....GO! Too funny and a great game every time!
L asked for an Iron Man cake, so all the rest of the food had a red and yellow theme (albiet lost on 9 year olds but I like to do it....). We jelly with chocolate cup cakes in red patty pans and yellow icing....honey joys in red patty red toffees in yellow patty pans and of course.........the cake. He was a little pink thanks to cochineal and not pillar box red food colouring....but apart from looking a little like the complained.
We also had the Twisted Balloon lady who made a balloon for everyone....including me! My bunch of flowers and R's lady bug were a pleasant surprise amongst the boy bazooka's. A great party!

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  1. Hi Theresa..looks like a great birthday..should have sent my Dh over..was his birthday too..and we were all away...:(